Senior Does

Pepper: One of my favorites because I lover her udder and how easy she is to milk. She is our foundation doe, and now most of our doelings are related to her. ” Pepper is no longer alive but will always be remembered.”  She has great fore and rear udder attachments, a strong balanced medial suspensory ligament, great size teats for hand milking, long and great shape around, and her escutcheon is wide and high. She has good capacity in her udder and can easily hold a over a half gallon without looking like she is about to bust. She also has very correct legs, and is wide and deep in body. Her pasterns are holding up well and she is a 6 year old. She is a calm easy going doe whom is a pleasure to own. She has good rear leg angulation. She is however is not the best in general appearance over her topline, her shoulders could be sharper into her withers and her rump is not super level but it is not too bad by any means. She kids very easily and is a great mamma with wonderful tasting milk. adga pedigree Pepper kidded April 2016 with twin doelings both two tone chamoisee like last year, so excited, names are Daffodil and Dandelion. They are Tritan’s daughters.

Clover and Marigold are the two tone chamoisee doelings shown below, they are Pepper’s doelings from spring of 2015. They are both half Oberhasli with their sire being Apache under the reference section. Clover and Marigold’s pedigree are the same as they are twins. I do plan to retain doelings from all of these does this year.

Clover is my favorite doe born here and she has come into milk as a yearling this year and a very nice mammary system thus far. She kidded with twins for her first round and did well. She has excellent general appearance and udder attachments and leg angulation. She also has good width to her escutcheon. I will update clovers udder picture soon. She milks through the winter very well.

Next is Daffodil and Dandelion, Pepper’s next twin daughters from 2016. They milk a gallona day and have nice udders and teats, they look just alike but act completely different. They have pretty good general apperance, just a little steep in the rump but not too bad. Their udders are very good though, good attachments, and nice size teats.