Natural Skin Care Products

Your Skin is your largest organ and if your skin absorbs it, it goes directly to your bloodstream, so please think twice about what you apply to your skin!!!



I use coconut oil and olive oil for my soap and use therapeutic grade essential oils as scents. I also make a plain one with no essential oil. My products have no chemical ingredients you can not pronounce, very natural and safe.

I make goat’s milk soap, all natural and great for sensitive skin,

the bars are $5, and $6 for a face shaving bar, they are about 4 ounces

goat milk soap benefits picture

I also make homemade chapstick that is $2 per tube, very nice on skin, smooth and glossy

I make a Remedy Salve that is good for almost any skin ailment $20

Itch Relief ! ; Eczema relief
Helps Heal Wounds
Bug Bites ; Sores
Rashes ; Poison Ivy
Skin ailments
Naturally Antiseptic & Antibacterial

I make a nice face cream as well that is great for your skin called Beauty Cream, it includes shea butter

Soothes weary eyes ; Protects Skin
Natural Antiwrinkle Ingredients ; Antimicrobial
Softens Skin ; Revitalize Skin
Provides Vitamins A,D &E for skin
Moisturizing ; Antioxidant
Good on burns as well. $20

I can ship if you don’t mind paying for the shipping, I like to sell locally at markets ( Caledonia and Columbus)