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Goat pregnancy feed ration change in the last 6 weeks

Pregnancy food ration change for dairy goats

Changing feed ration from jr. doe or dry doe to milker, in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy:

in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy:

Dry does will change from 1lb per day to 4lbs per day in the last 6 weeks

Week 6: feed 1.5 lbs per day – about 2 and ¼ cups per feeding

Week 5: feed 2 lbs per day- about 3 cups per feeding

Week 4: feed 2.5 lbs per day – about 3 and ¾ cup per feeding

Week 3: feed 3 lbs per day – about 4.5 cups per feeding

Week 2: feed 3.5 lbs per day – about 5 and 1/4 cups per feeding

Week 1: feed 4 lbs per day – about 6 to 7.5 cups per feeding

The last 3 days of your does pregnancy you may want

To cut the ration back to 3 cups per feeding for 3 days to prevent flag.

Flag is when a does udder fills in to quickly and becomes tight and really

Firm and it swells preventing the milk supply from being fully expressed.

After the doe kids you can up her food back to the 6 to 7.5 cup per feeding ( 4lb ) ration again.

My Alpine feeding chart and Supply list

  1. Thorvin Kelplink
  2. Sea 90 or Himalayan salt on a rope sea 90 link , salt on a rope is at Tractor supply
  3. Wick’s High Copper Mineral or a good similar goat mineral ( I buy mine from a distributor in the south)like this
  4. Hoof trimmers trimmers link
  5. Andis Clippers andis link
  6. Golden Barrel Unsulphured Black Strap molasses
  7. Stainless Steel Milk Bucket, I like a 9 quart bucket and a 5 quart for small amounts, I got mine off ebay and a farm store, but they do have cheap ones at Jefferspet pail link
  8. Stainless Steel Milk Strainer
  9. Milk Filters ( I use homemade reusable ones)
  10. The Accessible Pet, Equine and Livestock Herbal book link
  11. Braggs apple Cider vinegar , can be bought at the grocery store, make sure it has the “mother”
  12. Rhinehart X-30 dehorner disbudder link
  13. Large scale for weighing babies and adult goats to make sure they are growing well, make sure they weigh enough to breed, and for deworming weights. scale
  14. Milk weighing scale scale link
  15. Navel Clips clips link
  16. Natural Goat Care book link
  17. GI Soother for cocci preventative in baby goats in the spring GI Soother link
  18. Nav-All tincture naval dip link
  19. Cayenne Organic Tincture cayenne link
  20. 30cc nylon syringe with drench tip drencher link
  21. Ewe-ter-N labor help herb link
  22. The Small Scale Dairy book link
  23. I feed a pregnancy herb mix of red raspberry, stinging nettle, and rose hip and get these herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs and feed this the last month of pregnancy. I use chopped herbs not powdered. The goats like it.

Alpine Dairy Goat Feeding Chart Feed all animals these amounts 2x a day

Get a feed bucket, about 2.5 gallon, put in
(Use a 3 to 4 cup scoop)
2 scoop alfalfa pellets
2 scoop whole oats
1/2 scoop BOSS-Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Mix well, repeat, mix well again

Feed milkers – 6 to 7.5 cups of mix per feeding

does and bucks from 2-3 months the mix in a trough together about ½ cup each of the mix

Feed does and bucks from 4-6 months- 1.5 to 2 cups each of the mix

Feed dry does and young does 6 months and up – 2 to 3 cups of the mix

Feed bucks not in rut- 2 cup of mix

Feed bucks in rut- 3 cups of mix- they are in rut Sept. to Feb.

Also feed a high quality goat mineral and Organic Thorvin Kelp regularly or free choice, Sea 90 or Himalayan salt and forage or hay free choice.

Keep in mind everyone feeds something different and different lbs per day as well. I am just showing what I do as a guide for someone new without any idea of where to start. If I had a really heavy milker that could not hold weight well, I would up the food.
Since I came up with this ration and the measurements myself, be aware it was not made up by a scientist. When I am upping the food amount during pregnancy in the last 6 weeks, instead of feeding the whole ration the last week I will slack off (feed half a milkers ration) about 4 days before kidding so that the udder does not become real so full so quickly. Flag, meaning hard congested udder that has little milk moving through it, is no fun. In about a three day period I will then up the food daily to be at a full milkers ration by day four. I was using barley and think it was an awesome addition to a goat feeding program however the price and difficulty to get it has made me not use it anymore.