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Thoughts on dairy goat breeds

First of all I am very opinionated on things I feel strongly about, and goats is one of them, so this blog may seem very bias, because it is. I have had all dairy breeds except Saanen and can give you my view on each except the Saanen. Nigerian Dwarf have what I call little goat syndrome with a few exceptions and not near enough milk. They can be loud and the ones I had did not get along well with the other goat breeds as easily since they are small and are not boss, but they want too badly to be the boss! Lamanchas are out of the question for me because I love ears on a goat and love the alertness of the erect ears on swiss breeds, they can have nice udders and there milk taste good and they can be good milkers. The craziest goat I have ever seen was a Lamancha and she would literally run sideways on the walls of the barn to get away from you! Nubians that I have had or been around were very loud and I like quiet, I am sure you have your exceptions but I have not seen many. Nubians require more food for the same amount of milk as a swiss breed. The only goat I ever had jump a stall was a nubian, and when I try to drench a nubian they love to spit it back at me instead of swallowing. Also they do not make the regular maaaa noise, they scream, seriously. I had one toggenburg and she had the worst milk I ever tasted, they say this breed needs more vitamin B for better milk taste and there milk is naturally stronger flavored for cheese making but maybe there are some with good milk to drink, just make sure to sample before you buy. She ruined me on Toggs. Next is Oberhasli, the breed I wanted to start out with but I could not find does, as they are not as popular of a breed, and it is hard to find different bloodlines often, and I have been told by a long time breeder that they have to be great a Obershasli to equal a good Alpine udder wise, but the Oberhasli milk taste very sweet and good, and they are very sweet and quiet girls, I do love them. Saved the best for last in my opinion, the alpine. They friendly, sociable, mostly quiet, and good tasting milk and a lot of it, with lots of color variety. I was however informed when I had just started into goats that alpines were crazy, break out of fences, ect. I have never seen this to be true of the many alpines I have owned, nor do any the alpines of alpine breeders I know, do this either. They are a wonderful dairy goat through and through, very classy. They are herd aggressive, meaning they will fight within the herd from time to time to see whom is boss. They do not take much food to make a good amount of milk and udders are usually consistent if you make sure to start of with a good udder in the first place and make sure your buck’s dam’s udder is good too. Make sure that teat placement and size is where you want it and teats are big enough and long enough for good hand milking if that is your plan, ask for tons of pictures. Also I would want to taste the milk of any goat purchased if in milk, as I am sure that all good milk tasting breeds have there exceptions. And remember if your does are with a smelly buck then your milk may not taste good.