Goat milk compared to Cows Milk

So, if you have visited my farm you know how much we all LOVE the goats milk. It is sweeter, easy on your stomach, and much easier to extract for the milker (me), yeah. I am not going to type out all of the benefits but instead add links that say it much better than me that have scientific facts to help you understand as well. I have read a lot about it and believe that goat milk is better for easier digestion. When I was young I remember milk would make my stomach very upset so I did not drink it for a very long period of my life. Of course, it was not fresh, that stuff they sell with the red lid on it at the store I have come to realize is not really milk, at least not the kind I would willingly drink on purpose. I started milking the goats for my children to have milk and strong bones, but I quickly realized that this new milk did not hurt my stomach and was really kind of sweet and yummy and made me want more, I was impressed. I have a good friend that I had a Jersey cow that I milked a couple times and I wanted to do a side by side blind taste test, with my goat’s milk and her cow’s milk. We were having a meeting and three women all did the test. Even my friend whom drinks her cows milk daily guessed the wrong one. So if you will notice goats milk simply taste like milk. I always want guest to taste the goats milk so that they too can see that it is good and no reason to shy from this awesome product. People have a funny hesitant fetish about trying it sometimes, I don’t understand. I especially don’t understand if we have just visited the goats and you see how clean they are and there is no large poop stain of their side or big pile of manure between their hoof claws, goats are soooo!!! clean compared to cows. Now, I am sure if they saw the confinement dairies that the cows milk from the store comes from they may just change their mind, I hope anyway. I have a cow that I started milking when the goats milk was done for the winter and it took a little adjustment to get used to as I do not like the taste as much, and I can not drink as much without feeling too full. But it is still not a painful experience, like the milk from the carton is. I wanted the cow for butter and that was the big purpose of me milking cows. I do understand that people do not like the goat milk or products from the store, they are just as different as night and day to the fresh milk and milk products from a home dairy. Also if you leave your buck with your does your milk will likely taste like BUCK, you do not want this. Put old stinky out back and not with your does if you have a problem with your milk being for good drinking. Milking a cow is something your hands will have to build up to for a while, since it takes a while to milk out that much milk at one time. I can usually milk a goat that makes 3/4 of a gallon in the morning in about 3 minutes. This is why you want to breed for good teat size and good orifice size( where the milk comes out). With cows or goats you will not start out that fast but you will build up hand strengh and technique within a few weeks if you stick with it. Milking goats is one of my favorite things to do, milking cows was sadly not, so I no longer own them.

Ok, now onto some links:

Goat milk benefits

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milk comparison

Of course their is much more information out there, but experiencing it for yourself is so much better. I did meet a goat meat breeder and brought a sample of our milk for him to sample and he said he was highly allergic to milk. But he was curious if he could handle goats milk as one of his relatives had previously told him to try it before. So he took the jar and turned away from us before he tried it, he said it would make him projectile vomit immediately. So I stepped back and wandered if it would affect him in such a way. About 30 seconds or less later he turned back to us ecstatic and thrilled and was so happy that he could indeed tolerate this milk, and said he was going to have his wife make ice cream with it. He loved ice cream and had not been able to eat it for a long time. I was pleased, to say the least.

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