Bottle feeding baby goats

Do you plan or have to feed a baby goat a bottle?  Just like the feeding program of everyone I know is different, so is the baby goat bottle feeding procedure and amounts.  I can simply tell you about what I have done here.  I do not actually like to feed bottle babies what so ever, but I have tried to leave brothers with sisters before, and it is the bucklings that start constantly trying to mount their sister, starting at 12 days and onward, that REALLY BOTHERS ME.  So, I will pull bucklings and give them a bottle and attempt to sell them very shortly after birth, after they have had all their colostrum from their dam.  If a doe has a single buckling I will leave him with her for about three weeks before pulling him and trying to sell him, so that all that hard work of delivery she just went through seems for a purpose in her life.   I will feed these young bucklings a bottle for 3.5 months.  There first couple days I will give them a bottle 4 times during the daytime, I do not get up in the middle of the night, and I feed about 8 ounces per feeding if they will take it all.  By the third day I will start giving them a bottle three times a day, at about 7am, 2pm, and 9pm, feeding about 10 ounces a time at first, and move up to 16 ounces per feeding over a matter of a week.  I will give them 16 ounces each of the three feedings for about a month.  From one month to three months, I will start to offer a nibble of feed and feed them 12 ounces of milk per feeding.   The last two weeks, from three months to three and a half months, I will give them two bottles a day at 10 ounces each. By the third month they will be getting a large handful of food and be at a full  ration of 1lb by the fourth month.  I never have and never will feed bottle babies the dry powder that you mix with water.  I milk the dam and feed it back to them, if I can not do that I have a Jersey cow to use fresh milk from.  If I had no cow, I would try to find someone whom does and would sell me the milk for the babies.  If I could not find someone with a cow, then I would simply feed the milk with the red top at the store, the whole milk.  I had to do this one time a couple years ago, it worked out fine.  If you are raising smaller goats like Nigerian Dwarf of Pygmies, then I would literally cut the amounts above in half at least.

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