How to handle and store fresh milk

I want to inform everyone of a fabulous book that tells you how to collect and store milk that is very clear and direct in how to do things.  This book also tells you how to do at home test to make sure your milk is the quality you think it should be.  The book is  The Small Scale Dairy by Gianaclis Caldwell book link and she also writes another book I have and it is a very advanced detailed book on cheesemaking called Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking cheesemaking book link .  Seems most of the importance is in milking a clean and dry udder and then getting your milk into sterilized clean containers and getting the milk below 40 degrees within 2 hours at the most but wanting at 40 degrees within 30 minutes is much more preferred.  Getting the milk cold enough before bacteria that like the warm temperature is probably the number one difficulty of this process.  If this step is not met though the milk is likely to spoil long before it would if proper temperatures were met shortly after milk is collected.  Making sure the animal is washed up and clean is your first step and their are a million products available to help you accomplish this process.  Then make sure to dry the udder and teats, also always strip the first three squirts of milk from each teat  into a separate strip cup to get the most bacteria out of the milk before milking.  Once your done milking go ahead and cool it to below 40 degrees.  This can be accomplished by placing the milk bucket into another larger bucket that has ice water in it, and then with a clean stainless steel spoon stir the milk, use a thermometer to make sure the temp is where you want it all throughout the milk.  Then pour the milk through your strainer with a filter in it into previously sanitized jars, most people use a setting on the dishwasher for this.  Then go ahead and get your jars of milk into the back of the fridge where they can stay their coldest.  Make sure you jar lids are clean as well.  There is a trick I saw on one site that kept ice water with salt on it in the freezer for a while so they did not have to use new ice everyday, great idea.  There is a wonderful article I think everyone should print out and follow and if you sell milk to individuals give them a copy as well so that everyone can keep their milk the freshest the longest. The link to the article is here milk handling article .  This is a great article to use for knowledge of how to handle milk until you can get the book above, and read section two of that book first to learn about milk collecting and handling.

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