Herbs for Cures

I like to ring to the title and believe it to be very true indeed.  I am a huge fan of the number one bible verse for all us milkmaids out there.

Proverbs 27:23-27 – “Be you diligent to know the state of your flocks, and look well to your herds. For riches are not for ever: and does the crown endure to every generation? The hay appears, and the tender grass shows itself, and herbs of the mountains are gathered. The lambs are for your clothing, and the goats are the price of the field. And you shall have goats’ milk enough for your food, for the food of your household, and for the maintenance for your maidens.”

I am a huge fan of Fir Meadows Farm Herbal practices and herbal sales Fir Meadow link and of Land of Havilah herbal practices Land of Havilah link , I suggest you read some of their articles on the webpage, very interested and different than the average Joe indeed.  I started using a particular herb I am sold on called GI Soother by Fir Meadow GI Soother link . I started out with a couple bucks that had horrible disbudding jobs that were several weeks old at the time.  I wanted to fix the scurs with my disbudding iron and make them not grow back, but they were very stressed by this being older and just being moved to a new home.  I learned a hard lesson.  I got one of them disbudded again and the job was successful, but the little fellow got bad scours.  I was about to do the other bucklings head when he got scours too.  Turned out they had cocci in high loads.  I bought the dimethox and treated them.  But I also had to drench them every couple hours as they would not eat or drink or get up.  This went on for a good 4 days.  By the time a week went by they were fine and getting back to normal.  So the next time I saw a scour I was armed with GI soother and it worked so much faster and better than the previous dimethox.  I do have a centrifuge and did do fecal samples to see that cocci was the issue.  I now stay on top of cocci as a preventative like most people do with the pellets they add to food daily for the first few months of life.  I give GI Soother to all my young ones born from 10 days to 4 months either in a bottle or in a drencher every other day in the spring .  They learn to take a drench good though and if I need to drench them as an adult, no big deal and no fighting. I have used this on other peoples goats that have scours with the same amazing results.  This product simply works, and works much better and is much safer than dimethox, and is cheaper to boot.  I like the Deworm A  Deworm A link  as long as you can give fresh garlic with it to boost its potential, this is a preventative and I give two times a week, it is not a fix all for a bad wormy goat, giving fresh ginger with it is also helpful, but make sure to use the garlic.  It is used to prevent them from getting bad wormy.  I also like to use the copper/selenium herbal blend Kop/Sel link to make sure they have enough of these since our soils are so depleted.  I also give this blend in my prenatal blend starting two months before due dates.

I used another wonderful herb twice now and will always keep a jar in my cupboard.  It is DVenom DVenom Link .  This is for venomous bites.  My boxer dog was bit on the mouth by a baby copperhead snake last summer.  His face was swollen up within  30 minutes.  He lay down and we started dosing him with this DVenom ticnture when I saw the swelling.  We gave it to him every couple hours.  By the next morning all of the swelling in his face was almost gone but looked to move down into his throat.  But by the next morning he was acting normal running and playing with the neck swelling gone down a good bit as well.  I believe this tincture saved him and I ordered more.  Soon one of my does came back from the woods and was rolling and itching but I did not think it a big deal and came back a few minutes later and her face had started to swell.  I felt her and she had what seemed like a thousand bites all over her.  I believe she got into the yellow jackets that we could not find the nest to but had been seeing in the woods.  I did start giving her the DVenom immediately and every couple hours as well.  The next day she was so swollen you could not recognize her.  I kept treating her with the herb and started spraying a sea salt solution for wounds that I made up on her.  The next day she was much better with at least half the swelling gone, and the next day about 3/4 of the swelling gone, and by the next day she was ok.  The sea salt solution helps the scabs go ahead and dry up and fall off, and man there were tons of them.  I can not imagine how many times she was stung, poor girl.  I am so thankful I had this product on hand and that it saved her as well.  God did not leave us defenceless, he gave us the plants on earth to use, we just lost the knowledge of what to use and how and how much along the lines of generations that started using modern medicine instead.  It only takes ONE generation for knowledge to be lost, what a shame.

Going to get off the topic of animals for a moment and tell how a man I know was helped by herbs as well.  He had acute swelling in his legs from the knee down, and of course refused to go to the doctor.  His wife ordered him some heart herb from Dr.Christophers and cayenne herb powder pills as well.  He took two of each kind of pill at least three times a day.  So 12 pills a day.  He was sick in bed when he started taking these herbs and the wife felt that the legs were swollen from a circulation problem stemming from the heart.  The herbal pills worked a wonder.  Within a day he felt better and within a couple days he could move around good with the swelling going down.  The swelling was all the way gone within a week, but the herbs continued to be consumed for a couple more weeks to be on the safe side.  Dr. Christophers makes many herbal tictures, powder pills, ect.  They are awesome, Fir Meadows sells some of his products as well, like the cayenne tincture cayenne pepper tincture link that I give to baby goats right after birth( man does it lively them up if they are sluggish!).  This product is also great for shock, bleeding, and the heart.  My husband is able to take the smokeout Smoke Out link which is a high heat cayenne tincture to help smokers and dippers quit and get good nutrition.  When they have the urge for a dip they just use smoke out instead.   It is very hot though, not for sensitive to hot spices people.

Coming soon….   a praise report about Fir Meadow’s Wonderful Salve Wonderful Salve link

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