For those of you like me that have a swiss breed of dairy goat the disbudding needs to be done at a very young age.  I like to disbud does at 3 days old and bucklings at 2 days old.   I have done nubians and nigerian dwarfs and they can be done usually by one week

.  Lamanchas can be done by 5 days usually.   I shave the area for disbudding first with clippers so that there is less smoke and you can have the disbudder having less resistance.  For bucklings you need to more than the normal horn bud area, you will do another spot slightly inward and downward from the original area, this area has ridge lines and will grow horn as well.  This area is usually neglected resulting in many bucks having scurs.  This extra bit does not need to done on doelings.  I am adding a picture I took of the ridges at two days old and then another I took right after I disbudded at two days old.  I love the Rhinehart X30 for disbudding, it is awesome compared to the Rhinehart X50 I was using.   Please inform yourself about the decision to disbud or not to.  Do not do it just because everyone else is, decide for yourself.  Showing is a big reason we do it, you can not show a goat with horns at this time.  Secondly we do it because I want my children to go into the pens with the goats and make goats a large part of their lives even as toddlers.  I have owned goats with and without horns.  I did own a doe I bought from someone as a milker that had horns, I did not like the way she would tilt her head back and trap my wrist as I tried to lead her by the collar. But she was not born here for me to train as a young one myself.  Most bucks are not properly disbudded  or the disbudding doesn’t take well  and they  develop scurs later in life.  So to trim on these scurs we use what is called a fingertip wire saw that is in a survival kit in the camping section or just like this one I am linking to wire saw link here.  This is a very effective and cheap tool that can take a good size scur off within 20 seconds.  Tie the bucks head up high to a post with a lead rope and collar and have one person steady his head while the other saws the scur off.  Do not saw closer than 3 inches off the head if you can help it because you will get too much blood and pain if you do.  Keep blood stop or cayenne pepper in a shaker around while doing this job in case you draw blood.

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