How to collect and send in blood and milk samples for pregnancy or CAE

I do my pregnancy testing only if I am unsure that the goat is bred and really want to put my mind at ease.  Most times goat pregnancy rate for conception is very high and only one breeding is necessary.  I keep my girls in a pen to where they can have a buck on another side of the fence to walk up to and worry through the fence.  This tells me she is in heat and ready.  I then take her by the collar and lead her to him and let him mount once and then lead her back out.  I do it again a couple hours later, and then maybe ounce more that day it she is persistent.  If she is still in heat the next day I will repeat what I did the day before.  This will help to keep the buck from getting wore down and if I need him for another doe within a day or two, he will be able to cover them fine.  Anyway, to pull blood for pregnancy is no fun, so I want to tell you if you have a doe or a cow that is in milk, you can send in a tube with 12cc milk in it and it can tell you if she is bred as long as she is at least one month bred.  If she is a first freshener then blood will be required ( one month bred as well). I will now add the link to the place I get my milk test done, Lancaster DHIA, real nice customer service and just call them to order the vials.  The pregnancy milk test is $3.25 plus shipping for goat or cow.  I like to ship via flat rate post office small box that is $6 to ship and will get there in two days, so if I send it off Monday I generally have results by Friday the same week, awesome.  They test for mastitis as well and you DO NOT have to keep it cold and I send it the same way.  I like to wrap my milk or blood tube in bubble wrap and place it inside a ziploc bag.  milk test lab link                                                                                                                             I use Bio Tracking( Bio Pryn)Bio Tracking page link for all blood test.  Order your vials through them, I do not like to use their kit personally, just the vials.  This company lets you choose the lab nearest you, here in Alabama I like to use the lab in Dublin TX.dublin TX lab link with forms .  Remember, do NOT, test for CAE under one year old preferably.  Also, results should be most accurate when the doe is not bred and is at least two months past delivery and is not sick otherwise.  This link has the form you print out and send in with your sample.I put does on the milk stand and one person will need to straddle the doe and hold her head upward and still.  I like to get out my razor and shave the neck where the vein is.  Look slightly to the left or right of the center of the neck. Here is a link to a video that does it just like we do. blood pulling youtube video   The vein will be soft, not hard, and press on it with your thumb to get it to bulge to see it better.  You cleanse the shaved spot with alcohol and a cotton ball.  Then insert a 22 gauge needle on a 3ml syringe.  Keep in line with the neck going in at an angle and upward vertically with the neck, NOT Straight in towards the throat.  Pull the full 3ml and then place the cotton ball back on that spot firmly for a few seconds to help with bleeding.  Then plunge that blood into you biopryn blood vacuum tube.  Now the vacuum is lost and you need to pull the air back out and create the vacuum again.  Stick the empty needle into only the air in the tube and pull back until it is hard to pull back, done.  Now I forgot to mention that you should write the name of the animal down before you put the blood in the tube, you can put a number beside the name as well, use a permanent marker.  I keep the blood upright in the tube for an hour at room temperature, then I place them in the fridge until sent off.

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