Dancing Spirit Farm Alpine Dairy Goats

 Alpine Dairy Goat Farm in Northwest Alabama


We are a small farm located in  northwest Alabama between Vernon, Al and Steens, Ms.  We are only a few minutes from the Mississippi line.  We are raising Registered Alpine dairy goats.  We are breeding towards does with the ability to milk about a gallon a day by their third freshening and have good conformation.  We are a work in progress.  We will wean does at 4 months off the dam and sell bucklings as bottle babies.  We have a CAE free herd.  We have never had CL or other contagious disease outbreaks here.  We spend a lot of time with our herd and they are all tame, no wild runners here!  The boys enjoy showing at local fairs and  4-H shows. We try to be as natural about raising goats as possible in this day in time.  We try to avoid GMO crops and use herbs in place of chemicals when possible. I offer to teach about disbudding and feet trimming. We hope to start a fodder system for the grains soon.   my email is dancingspiritfarm7@gmail.com and home phone is 2056628744(no text)